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4G Fixed Wireless Terminal ETS-8848

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4G Fixed Wireless Terminal ETS-8848
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1.1 Overview

Brand: Etross or OEM Brand

Model no.:  4G ETS 8848

Product name: 4G Fixed Wireless Terminal

4G LTE FWT ETS-8848 is a 4G Lte to Analog Converter, the device can produce a FXS line to allow a regular phone to be connected and used just like a local land line(PSTN) except your calls will go out from the GSM network. This device can both receive and make calls. The main application is: Connecting the RJ-11 FXS line to an ordinary telephone set for voice call; to connect PBX for call extensions; to connect billing systems for public phone use; to connect VoIP FXO gateway to realize VoIP call termination; to connect alarm system for security purpose, etc. 

It is a 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Terminal that produces an analog FXS phone line . 

Module employed: Quectel 4G LTE Standard EC2x(EC25、EC21、EC20 R2.0 and EC20 R2.1) /EG21-G/EC200T etc.for different countries and networks.


1.2 Main features

1) It is a 1 port 4G LTE fixed wireless terminal which has 2 RJ-11 outputs for extensions; 

2) It supports VoLTE function. 

3) It can connect with ordinary telephone set, PBX , VOIP Gateway, Billing meter etc. 

4) Employ industrial module Quectel EC2X series to make 

5) Simple to install and easy to maintain 

6) Steady module and reliable design ensures good performance 

7) Provides optimized circuit directly connecting the exchange device for extensions 

8) Compatible to most telephones, PBX device. 

9) Strong signals with high gain antenna 

10) Attractive plastic casing 

11) SIM card supported (1.8V, 3V) 

12) Caller ID display 

13) Support DTMF/FSK 

14) Provides reversal polarity signal for metering 

15) No noise and clear voice 

16) Suitable for wide voltage range and low power consumption 

17) Suitable for all kinds of weather and environment 

18) Locking PIN / network (optional)


1.3 Specifications

Air interface standard: Quectel 4G LTE standard module EC2X is a wireless module which is designed for the global can be designed in many kinds of applications which can work on 4G LTE network. 

Quectel 4G LTE module EC2X support the Bands as the following: 

EC25-EUX for example : 

LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A 

LTE TDD: B38/B40/B41 



For other models,please refer Quectel website to choose the correct module. 

Phone interface: supply RJ-11 Phone Interface 

Hanging voltage: 45V 

Picking off voltage: 30mA / 41mA 

Dialing tone Frequency: 450Hz 

Antenna interface: Antenna amplifying>2.5db Sensitivity:<-104DBM 

Transmitting power<3W 

Color: White /Black (optional) 

AC-Adapter interface: Input: AC 110~240VAC 50~60Hz Output: 5DC 2A. 

AC-Adapter type: EU, US, AU, British type (can be optional) 

Back up battery: Li-ion battery 7.2V 800mAh (Can be optional)

1.4 Packing List

Ac-adapter1Input - AC: 110-240V,50/60Hz Output - DC: 12V 0.5A
Antenna1Magnetic based Antenna with 3m cable
User Manual1English
G.W: 0.75kg per unit. 20pcs/Carton, 16kg /Carton

Carton Box Size: 55cmX34.5cmX32.5cm